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Therapeutic Nutrition


Common, affordable local foods contain powerful properties that can either support or hinder your energy levels, digestive function, and fitness goals. Integrating functional human nutrition and Chinese medical food therapy, empowered choices in menu planning, meal times, ingredients, portion sizes, preparation styles and seasonings are irreplaceable skills for providing essential nutrients for enjoying a deliciously nourished & active life.


In Chinese medicine, herbs are utilized to heal, nourish and build strength & longevity. Like foods, herb tea formulas serve as an external source of nutrients, minerals, flavors and pleasure, yet with more specific, concentrated and direct absorption. When systems of re-calibration inherent in one’s physiology fail to thrive with activity, respond efficiently to stress and illness, or be nourished in rest and relaxation, the body can fall into simultaneous fatigue and restlessness, unable to identify and take benefit of its own resources. As we see more and more unique food sensitivities, malabsorption, weight fluctuations and adverse food reactions, herbal formulas custom-made and modified to your specific needs by a qualified herbalist are an unmatched therapeutic.