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Functional Medicine Advanced Lab Analysis

Functional Medicine Advanced Lab Analysis is a DEEP DIVE into your body systems via blood, urine and saliva tests. These tests are investigating a depth of molecular dysfunction and hidden inflammation unmatched in conventional labs. Imbalances are addressed with high-quality natural medicines such as medical grade herbs, supplements and evidence-based lifestyle modifications to help your body get and stay in optimal lab ranges for higher standards in health, fitness, beauty and mind in spite of the increasing stressors of modern life.

Prescriptive tests according to your current symptoms, life stage, circumstantial stress challenges or future goals will provide a detailed subclinical look at hormonal, metabolic and detoxification pathways involved in the inflammatory response. Out- of- range markers will show us the biological patterns indicating where insufficient production, transportation or detoxification are hindering you from achieving optimal GROWTH, HEALING, QUALITY OF LIFE and LONGEVITY OF MIND, BODY and SPIRIT.

Developed in the field of biomedical lab science, Functional Medicine Lab Analysis has grown to be the gold standard for identifying:

* missing links or building blocks (by either genetic or exhaustive handicaps) preventing your body from completing, performing or recovering from the physiological processses of an active healthy life

* molecular overwhelm due to stress, over-use, infection or abuse creating tissue destruction (inflammation and pain), toxic build up in cognitive and digestive tracks (neurological and digestive disturbances) and hormonal imbalances affecting menstrual cycles, mood/energy levels, sleep inconsistencies, learning blocks and stress tolerance

* nutrient deficiencies holding back healthy hormone, immune, digestive and detoxification pathways and sabotaging one’s sense of wellness and activity in spite of all the best investments in healthy food, exercise/relaxation regimes, expensive supplements and whatever else social media is trying to sell.

We often put a lot of trust in conventional medicine when our bodies complain or confuse us, and it is phenomenal at saving lives with pharmaceutical and surgical interventions. However, outside of emergency medicine, conventional strategies are at a loss for preventing or improving health and wellness before and after the emergency arises.

Functional Medicine labs detect OPTIMAL HEALTH RANGES, rather than emergency ones, offering the opportunity for avoiding illness, pharmaceutical dependency and side effects, unnecessary surgeries and improving your health at the root.

Identifying YOUR subclinical patterns of dysfunction at the foundation of YOUR symptoms and chronic disease is how we get better without wasting efforts on guess work.
Getting a CLEAR PICTURE early on, or as early as possible (NOW), can prevent suffering from those imbalances as they progress unchecked into symptoms of pain, exhaustion, confusion and illness.

Functional Medicine is a transparent, data-driven health science excelling in the prevention of chronic disease, wasted resources, conventional adverse effects and aging disability in our community.