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About Shel

Dr. Shel di Montagna, DAOM, LAc is an integrative Doctor of Acupuncture & Chinese Medicine and master herbalist, specializing in helping families create and sustain daily health routines that bring confidence, ease and creativity to their wellness goals.

Licensed in both pediatric and adult acupuncture, Dr. Shel blends a wealth of experience with integrative modalities such as acupuncture, medical massage, song/play therapy, therapeutic movement, moxa, cupping, vagus nerve ear stimulation, therapeutic nutrition and custom herbal medicinal teas to create individualized treatment plans harmonizing disorders of the gut-brain axis. She is passionate about treating imbalances of mind and body in appetite, digestion/ food intolerance, chronic low immunity, sleep, learning/memory, stress tolerance, mood instability and brain development, injury and recovery.

Inspired by her first career as a teacher, advocate and family resource specialist, Dr. Shel shifted gears towards family medicine in 2010, starting with a Community Health Science degree focused on family empowerment and health education. In 2011, she moved into a formal study of chinese and japanese medicine at Five Branches University with extended training from Dr. Lucy Hu, a famous pediatric physician acupuncturist from China and Holly Guzman, OMD, a well known integrative Doctor of Oriental Medicine tackling complex health disorders in Santa Cruz, California. After completing an extensive 4-year clinical Doctorate in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine, Dr. Shel has continued her passion for learning with mentorship in Neurology from Dr. Suzanne Robidoux (Toronto, ON/China) and in Pediatrics with Robin Ray Green (California/Idaho, USA).

Led by an insatiable awe of the natural sciences and humans within it, Dr. Shel has garnered a rich alchemy of health resources from decades of collaboration with families, students, patients and professors. It is her passion, privilege and purpose to liaise these resources back into the community in their honor.